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The old stone buildings that now house the Ulverston Brewing Company are Victorian and date back to 1875 – it was a purpose built indoor cattle market providing an essential service to farmers for around 85 years, later becoming the home of Cumbria Crystal until 1999.

Between then and the beginning of this year it was left to the pigeons of Ulverston to make it their own, remaining unoccupied, derelict and deteriorating until it was rescued by Anita & Paul who see it as the realisation of their dream to bring their award-winning brewery to the heart of their home town.

Four long years of hard work and planning have brought the brewery to where it is now.

Eventually the plans that had been fermenting (a bit of wordplay there) in their minds started to mature and in 2006 the brand new Ulverston Brewing Company made its home in the old winding machine shed of the Diamond Pit in Lindal.

With dreams of putting their home town of Ulverston on the brewing map they took the town crest as their “logo” and the motto

“Only the best” seemed very appropriate and they adopted the town’s most famous son as the inspiration behind the naming of their beers.

Ulverston’s last remaining brewery – Hartleys – closed, Paul and Anita decided to start brewing in their garage to provide friends with a real ale alternative to the dull beers of the giant breweries.

Demand grew and grew and finally they decided to take the plunge into full-time brewing –  well it’s full time for Anita at the moment, with Paul fitting in the deliveries and everything else when he finishes the day job! Anita’s former life as a hairdresser had done little to prepare her for the life of a Brewster – that’s a lady brewer to you and me!!

So it was back to school for her and Paul to gain the qualifications and knowledge necessary to make this life-changing plan work.

The Ulverston Brewing Company continues to go from strength to strength…..


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Ulverston Brewing Company

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Our beers are sold in pubs and outlets across the region. If you haven’t sampled any of our beers yet, then call in at the brewery or contact us and we’ll let you know how and where you can find them.

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